M20 Water Plate Adapter (-20 ORB)

No Belt
Include Shortened V-belt

We produced this product, originally for use simply on our own M20 turbo race car but put it into production for those converting their M20 cars to utilize an electric water pump. This part installs in place of the factory water pump and replaces it with a standard -20 ORB port for plumbing into an electric water pump system. Our part retains the factory timing belt tensioner spring assembly.

The factory water pump gaskets are a common failure point, as such we designed an o-ring seal feature into our part to end the usage of the factory paper gasket.

Manufacturing: The front water plate adapters are fully CNC machined from solid 6061-t6. The plates are anodized after machining to reduce the chance of corrosion and build-up on the inside where coolant will flow through the part. 

Notes: Included with the water plate is the sealing o-ring and zinc plated mounting hardware. As well we include an oversized o-ring in the case that the front of your engine block is heavily corroded or damaged and water pump sealing has been problematic. We optionally provide the correct length v-belt replacement if you will be continuing to run the factor alternator set-up. Please note that fittings for your plumbing system are NOT included. Please contact us with any plumbing inquiries. We are not responsible for any damage caused by improperly plumbed cooling systems.


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