E30 Carbon Brake Duct Backing Plate Kit


Developed and produced in conjunction with Spage Sport we have available a front brake duct backing kit designed for use on E30 front strut housings. The ducts are designed for use with standard 3″ brake duct housing. This kit is ideal for larger than stock diameter (280mm +) brake set-ups.

Ducts: Many “carbon” parts available on the market today are simply wet-laid fiberglass which have been “carbon fibre reinforced”. This is a sub-standard process which we believe does not belong in motorsport. Our ducts are built from 7 layers of 3K 2X2 Carbon Twill. The dry lay-up is vacuum infused and cured under full vacuum to ensure minimal weight and maximum strength, then undergoes a specific post-cure cycle to maximize the TG (glass transition temperature) and improve the cross-linking of the resin matrix. The duct inlet is positioned on the front side of the hub and provides enough room between the strut tube to easily install duct hosing.

Hardware: Included with each kit is a set of Flanged 316 Stainless fasteners as well as your choice of spacers. To maximize the efficiency of the ducts it is advisable to locate the duct as close as possible to the brake rotor. We identify the spacer sizing for stock rotor offset, as well as for upgraded 280mm Corrado Rotor set-ups in the spacer options list. Please contact us with any questions regarding offset for your brake set-up. Brake duct hosing is NOT included in this kit.


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