E46 M Style Hood Vent Set


Our Hood Vent sets are tailored specifically for each model. The goal of these vents is to provide a simple, yet subtle aid in cooling without incurring a large disturbance in airflow over the body of the vehicle. The vents longitudinal edges are designed to follow the central body lines of each hood. The louvers then, open perfectly transverse to the vehicles body.

Our E46 M3 Style Hood Vent Set was designed for and is used by our partners: 50StatesOfDrift on their E46 Drift Car.

Manufacturing: All of our Hood Vents are manufactured from 5052 Aluminum sheet. The pre-formed Hood Vent patterns are cut by CNC laser router. After the patterns are cut, the louver sections are formed on a padded CNC Brake. This process ensures all louvers are formed to identical angles. As well, the padded dies used for forming ensure no damage or marking occurs on the material.


Overall Length (Aligned): 436mm

Overall Width (Aligned): 201mm

Band Width: 25mm

Taper Angle: 71 deg.

Approximate Required Opening (Aligned): 385mm x 150mm

Details: A complete set of stainless button-head hardware is included for installation of the vents. Our vent sets come as raw brushed aluminum. We recommend coating the vents (if purchased raw) prior to install to ensure appearance is maintained.

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