M20 D585 Coil Tray Kit

No Anodizing
Black Anodize
Clear Anodize

It is a common practice when modifying the BMW M20 to upgrade the ignition system by moving away from the factory single ignition coil and running six modern ignition coils controlled by a standalone engine management system.

We now offer this coil-tray kit for the factory BMW M20 valve cover which provides a clean, organized way of mounting D585 ignition coils. The D585 coil is commonly used due to its availability and performance.

When using the D585 coils with our mounting kit, LS1 F-body wires can be used as well (shown in our product pictures). Please note that ignition coils and wires are NOT included.

Manufacturing: The coil tray is Laser cut and CNC formed from 5052 aluminum. Forming is completed using padded CNC dies to ensure no damage or major marking occurs on the material. These trays are available in Raw finish, Black anodize and Clear anodize as well. Included with the tray are billet machined hex posts. These posts are turned and then milled from solid 6061-T6. These posts are used to support the tray on the factory valve cover studs.

Notes: The kit includes the formed coil tray, the billet hex posts (with hardware) as well as a complete set of hardware for fastening D585 coils to the tray. The kit does NOT include ignition coils or plug wires.


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