M20 Exhaust Manifold Flange (Pair)

USD $589.00


For those looking to build the ultimate M20 header set or turbo manifold we have developed these billet stainless exhaust flanges. To correct the issues with all the headers / manifolds on the market these flanges feature 3D tapered ports allowing the use of proper hardware without the need to grind welds or cut fastener heads. As well as providing fastener clearance, these flanges also offset the pipe joint outwards reducing the potential of warpage when TIG welding the manifold.

These flanges are designed to be used when building a turbo manifold with 1-1/4″ Schedule 10 pipe (Flange Ports are 1.67″ in diameter). The locating pocket is 3mm deep to ensure extra strength at the weld joint. The wall thickness at the pipe location is .1″ to match Schedule 10 pipe – ensuring ease of welding and matched strength. Alternately, 1.625″ OD tubing can be used if standard exhaust headers are to be built.


These flanges are 3D machined from 1.25″ thick solid 304 Stainless billets. The mating surfaces are faced to ensure perfect sealing between the cylinder head and turbo manifold.


Flanges are sold as a pair – there is no need for a quantity of two when ordering. Each pair of flanges comes with a set of copper plated exhaust nuts as well.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 3 in

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