M20 Limited Edition Valve Cover

Black Anodize
Clear Anodize
No Ignition Coil Mount
D585 Coil Mount
Blank Coil Mount
IGN1 Coil Mount
Flat Cap
Star Cap

Our M20 Billet Valve Cover was designed as the ultimate finishing piece for those committed to the M20 platform. Our cover features a baffled oil separator system aimed at reducing the volume of oil pushed into your catch-can on boosted applications. The two breather ports on our cover are machined for use with -10AN ORB fittings (in lower boost, or NA applications, only one port may be used). This cover can be installed using factory hardware and removal of the factory intake manifold is not necessary for installation.

This cover is offered with an optional coil tray which can either be left blank, or built for accepting the D585 coils. Customers are responsible for their own breather plumbing solutions.

Each cover is fully machined in house and is engraved with a unique serial number. These covers will only be offered in limited quantities. Please contact us with any technical questions or purchasing inquiries.

Manufacturing: These covers and their associated components are completely machined from billet 6061-T6. Each cover features a removable port block, a flush mount fill-cap and a separator cover plate.

Notes: Extended fasteners for use with this cover are included. Fittings and hoses for breather plumbing are NOT included.

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