S14 Billet Fuel Rail (-8)


For those looking to improve the fuel system on their E30 M3 we now offer a large bore billet fuel rail for the S14 BMW engine. No modifications are required to the stock ITB assembly to utilize this rail. The factory injector clips can be retained assuming the chosen injectors support them as well. This rail features a 14mm bore through the entirety of the rail. There will be no flow limitations using this rail over the factory rail at any power level. This rail is to be used with -8 AN fuel lines or adapter to your own configuration. The inlet and outlet ports are both -8 ORB. This rail is designed for those building the ultimate S14 or those cleaning up their plumbing systems with proper motorsport componentry.

Manufacturing: The rail is machined from solid 6061-T6. This rail is not machined from extruded stock like most rails on the market. The rail is finished in a vapor-blasted and black anodize process. The finishing processes result in a durable satin black exterior which aids in scratch resistance, keeping the part looking fresh.

Notes: The rail comes with new fasteners for use during installation. Fuel injectors and fittings are NOT included. Fittings and hoses are not included – customers are responsible for their own fuel system plumbing solutions.

Some details to note about this rail:

  • The rail is gauged at those making higher power levels, thus it is not designed to be used with a factory fuel regulator.
  • Factory fuel lines will not directly connect to this rail as it utilizes -8 ORB ports and is designed to be used with AN hoses.
  • It is advisable to always use high-performance PTFE lined AN hose when building a fuel system for a car.
  • We use -ORB hose ends with our own installs as it is a more compact solution than using adapters and standard hose ends.


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