Spage Sport Carbon Fibre Hood Vents


Produced by SPAGE SPORT these lightweight hood vents are designed to promote airflow from below via the staggered louver sections. These panels can be utilized universally; on hoods, fenders or trunks on any race vehicle.

Construction: These panels are constructed completely of 4×4 Twill carbon fibre. The dry lay-up is vacuum infused and cured under full vacuum to ensure minimal weight and maximum strength, then undergoes a specific post-cure cycle to maximize the TG (glass transition temperature) and improve the cross-linking of the resin matrix. Each panel weighs 2.8 oz or 80 grams. All panels are finished with a UV resistant clear coat.


Overall Length (Aligned): 393mm (15.5in)

Overall Width (Aligned): 152mm (6in)

Approximate Height: 50mm (2in)

NOTE: These panels do not include hardware and are not pre-drilled. In the event that these are bonded into their mating panels, no fastener holes must be filled. These panels are sold as a pair (2 panels)

Please allow 2-4 weeks for all carbon parts as they built on a “made-to-order” basis.


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