Spage Sport Titanium Aero Rub Plates


These titanium rub plates, produced for Spage Sport are a wearable part designed to protect aero elements which reside closest to the roadway on any race-car. These plates utilize a 37mm bolt pattern and are tapped for M6x1.0 fasteners. These plates are machined in to a airfoil profile to ensure their presence is not detrimental to airflow underneath aero elements.

Manufacturing: Solid titanium is CNC machined into the airfoil profile. Titanium is used for its increased wear properties.

Notes: These plates are sold as a pair which feature a left and a right directed airfoil profile. 35mm flanged hardware is provided, depending on application longer hardware may be required for mounting.

Basic Dimensions:

Thickness: 6.35mm (1/4″)

Over-all Length: 101.6mm (4″)

Over-all Width: 38.1mm (1.5″)

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