Terms & Conditions

The following terms are applicable to any party entering into any transaction with STIM Technologies (Inc.). These terms are to be understood prior to any transaction.

It is hereby declared and accepted, as a purchaser or user or individual opening the box of any STIM Technologies (Inc.) product(s), that I and my affiliates and related companies will not hold STIM Technologies (Inc.) liable whatsoever for any personal or property damage caused by the use or misuse of any product manufactured or sold by STIM Technologies (Inc.). STIM Technologies (Inc.) has no control over the installation and/or use of its products. No warranty is expressed or implied whatsoever by STIM Technologies (Inc.).

A party purchasing or using any STIM Technologies (Inc.) product(s) and receiving such product(s) directly from STIM Technologies (Inc.) or from any other party whatsoever hereby indemnifies STIM Technologies (Inc.) and assumes any and all liability associated with the use of the product(s) by themselves, or by a further purchaser or user. This includes, without limiting the generality of the previous statement, any and all intermediaries that obtain ownership of any STIM Technologies (Inc.) products for the purpose of re-sale.

The purchaser or user or intermediary, who opens, uses, delivers, sells, or utilizes the product(s) personally or otherwise, assumes any and all liability associated with the use of the STIM Technologies (Inc.) product(s) contained herein or otherwise obtained. This indemnity includes any loss resulting from injury, death, or psychological harm, and includes any and all financial loss of profits, assets, goodwill as well as any and all other business, personal and physical loss. This is a complete and full indemnity for the use of STIM Technologies (Inc.) products.


In the event that a STIM Technologies (Inc.) product has been received and these terms and conditions are not accepted or understood in their entirety, the purchaser may return any unopened product(s) for a full refund of the purchase price. Aside from product defects, no warranty is expressed or implied whatsoever by STIM Technologies (Inc.). Any STIM Technologies (Inc.) product(s) exhibiting factory defects may be replaced or returned prior to use of the product. Please contact us immediately regarding any matter discussed herein.


All articles and blog posts presented by STIM Technologies (Inc.) are strictly for entertainment purposes only. Any technical writing posed in our posts is not intended to be used as instruction or advice in any form. STIM Technologies (Inc.) takes no responsibility for any work performed by any customer, reader, inquirer or any other person(s). Outside of direct product inquiries we do not offer or advertise to offer any technical advice or instruction.

If any portion(s) of the terms and conditions listed herein are not fully understood, please contact us immediately.