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March 12, 2017 General Talk 0 Comments

Welcome to STIM Technologies Inc. We are going to start things off by talking a bit about who we are, where we came from and what we do. The core of STIM.TECH is comprised of a group of Mechanical Designers who all share the same passions and goals. As individuals building and fabricating our own race cars, our relationships spawned through a mutual obsession to go faster. Designing, fabricating and racing together resulted in relationships built on the common goal of developing racing solutions for each of our seemingly unending lineup of projects.

As all true gear heads know, that visceral urge to take your race car to the next level is unavoidable. There is no going back and there is no reigning in that ever present compulsion to make wheels turn. With backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering it was inevitable that we would all end up with careers in either the Motorsport or Automotive Manufacturing industries. When your living is made through your passion you leave the nine to five job mentality behind and your work merges with your lifestyle. At STIM.TECH we are engineers who live and breathe Motorsports, who wake up thinking about that design we went to bed dreaming of and can’t help but believe that we can always improve upon what’s been done. It is a version of self-induced insanity that we all embrace with open arms.

Now, the dreams and aspirations of a Motorsports Enthusiast could be discussed indefinitely but perhaps that is better left for a future article, that hasn’t been described as a brief introduction to our website.  So, as individuals, where did we come from? Speaking on this is essentially asking what qualifies us to do, whatever it is we do, which has yet to be discussed. Disclosing specific details of our pasts unfortunately would involve discussing products and projects which belong to other manufacturers and design houses, which is probably frowned upon. So, keeping this high level and attempting to not mimic a resume, a few of the chassis’ we have designed, prototyped and produced race products for are; Porsche Turbo’s, Nissan GTR’s and a multitude of Mitsubishi, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW platforms. We have also partaken in and managed large scale OEM manufacturing of various engine and transmission internal components. This is starting to sound like a poorly written resume so we’ll move on.

All of us who make up STIM.TECH are capable Fabricators and Machinists which, as Mechanical Designers, may be our most important trait. A design is useless if it cannot be produced with some degree of sensibility. Having endless hands-on experience gives one the ability to understand what makes a part convenient and what makes it a day ruining pain.

STIM.TECH is the combination of engineering practices, applicable experience and ample resources. For each Motorsport component or assembly we create, our goal is to exceed the functional requirements for that item. Manufacturing and Fabrication has evolved into a modern day art form and we intend for our products to look and feel as good as they operate. To us, every aspect of our product is equally important. A components’ quality does not just pertain to its operation, it encompasses everything from its fit and finish, to its packaging and presentation. A generic company slogan seems appropriate to insert here, so we will simply say “we never compromise”.

With our first product in production, we will be working on developing and prototyping the components we plan to release next. We plan to release updates regarding all of our products as well as articles outlining any projects STIM.TECH may be involved in. Our hope is that our wonderfully written pieces will provide those who follow us with, at the very least, some amount of entertainment.

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