OUR PASSION – Motorsport Design and Manufacturing

At Stim Technologies we specialize in Motorsport component design and manufacturing. We offer an end to end service all inclusive of component design, prototyping and manufacturing. We also design, analyze and manufacture one-off custom Motorsport components and assemblies. We complete all design, prototyping and small volume manufacturing in-house.

We provide custom manufacturing and CNC machining services in-house to support any Motorsport program. We produce parts as per customer provided prints or we can develop models and prints to fulfill requested component needs. We offer machining of singular components as well as full scale production runs.

OUR DESIGNS – 3D CAD & Analysis

We offer complete 3D CAD design services emphasizing on Motorsport components and assemblies. Our customers can be provided with working models, component and assembly prints as well as complete design packages featuring renderings, technical drawings and reports. We utilize standard mechanical design practices to produce reliable, complete deliverable’s for all of our customers.

Along side our design services we also implement the practice of CFD analysis. We can analyze and improve models for intake manifolds, intercoolers, piping systems and complete vehicle solid models. We are experienced in surface modelling and can produce 3D contoured solid models of any part from airfoil elements to complete vehicle bodies

OUR PRODUCTS – E30 & Beyond

We offer an expanding line of Performance Products both for chassis specific and universal applications. We have ongoing development of products for the BMW E30 chassis as well as other late model BMW platforms. Our own experience from the race-track guides us in developing solutions for areas yet to be addressed by other manufacturers. As well, we work alongside many of our customers to aid in the development and production of their own products.